Warehouse Engineering

:Industrial Engineering related to layout, flow and storage of goods in a warehouse


//The company saved $100,000 by reducing overtime and increasing storage density.

App to mathematically estimate space requirements

// Based on the pallet count and stack height, the warehouse calculates 50,000 SQFT

Tools: Conversion factors, Inventory stratification, utilization and density

Systematic process and tools to eliminate waste within a warehouse

// The warehouse reduced motion and obsolete inventory by applying 5S within the warehouse

Tools: 5S (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) * Value Stream Maps * Gemba Walks *Kaizen

: A standard measurement to gauge performance

// During the last cycle count, inventory accuracy was 85%. The goal is 98% with 5S.

Tools: KPIS, Inventory accuracy, warehouse utilization, perfect order index

Writing down who does what to deliver a final service

// The associates developed process maps for receiving and stocking orders

Tools: requirements analysis, SIPOC, flow charts, programs

Initiating, planning and monitoring project task remotely

// The project manager schedule meetings and followed up with task on-line

Tools: Project charter, status meetings, tollgates

A group of people working and communicating appropriately

//The team collaborated well with regular status meetings and risk mitigation techniques 

Tools: Team building, Belbin Analysis, group problem-solving


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