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Lean (Process Improvement) Coaching

As Industrial Engineers, Warehouse Engineers are trained in every continuous improvement model there is: Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Plan Do Check Act, 8 Steps, Statistical Process Control, Theory of Constraints, and the list goes on. Warehouse Engineers prefer the Lean Methodology because of the simplicity to eliminate non-value-added steps.  In general people find statistical process capability and standard deviations intimidating, but Warehouse Engineers can use statistical tools if the client prefers.



Benchmarking is the 1st step of Process Improvement (Lean) Coaching to understand the operations and language of the client. Warehouse Engineers spend a week on site to observe training, operations, and corrective actions. The goal is to see scheduling, handling, inventory control, as well as quality and safety programs.  If no procedures exist, Warehouse Engineers can assist with developing procedures too.  

Warehouse Engineers writes a benchmark report listing opportunities for improvement based on industry standards and best practices. It is like an OSHA safety audit, but the focus is operations.   The report sets a baseline for the organizations training, technology and procedures.  The week on site also allows Warehouse Engineers to understand the organization's culture. As Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Warehouse Engineers have a close out meeting with the leaders to determine a custom action plan to develop traction and win.  


With the benchmark report and custom action plan in hand, Warehouse Engineers has a weekly coaching call with leaders responsible for improving the process.  The purpose is not to jump into the deep end of continuous improvement but rather build traction with continuous improvement.   While coaching Warehouse Engineers provides sound feedback on solutions for applying lean tools in the workplace. Reading and watching YouTube videos on process improvement are great but experiencing matters. In addition to weekly coaching calls, Warehouse Engineers provides unlimited remote support.  Warehouse Engineers responds to emails regarding lean tools or feedback on solving problems.

Warehouse Engineers can answer the tough questions about standardizing 5S throughout multiple departments and sites.  Warehouse Engineers can also help with process mapping to eliminate waste (also known as value stream mapping). We provide feedback along the lean journey on standard work, metric development, and stand up (Gemba) meetings. We keep the ball rolling as the business tends to be pulled in a million directions with customers’ demands.


Warehouse Engineers comes back every month for a face to face visit to help with the hard problems. Warehouse Engineers is not a fly by consulting firm that leaves a report for the client to figure it out, nope we are in this together.  The beauty of the coaching model is we are aware of the problems, so while on site the focus is generating value.  Warehouse Engineers creates an annotated agenda down to the minute, so no time is wasted during this valuable time.

Days on site can be leveraged for a Kaizen Blitz to focus on quick change overs or Kanban for inventory control and replenishment.  Kaizen means incremental change for good, like a 2% improvement.  The Kaizen Blitz’s are short in nature where progress is made with visual management.  Training can also be a part of the on-site visits.  If a refresher is needed in 5S, Mistake Proofing or SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Costs), Warehouse Engineers works with management to provide custom training that includes real examples from the organization. Warehouse Engineers training method is not death by PowerPoint, rather teach and try, where associates learn practical applications of the tools to execute the same week.

As you can see Lean is a journey, not a sprint.  In 3 months, an organization can expect to see improvements in creating savings in safety, cost, and quality. The Hawthorne effect is a change in behavior just by applying observation. When associations realize metrics and processes are in place, they will start making the improvements with the rights tools in place.   Warehouse Engineers Lean Coaching is custom and unique by design.   We only work with 4 clients at a time so contact us now to discuss availability and next steps.   Warehouse Engineers is based in Jacksonville, Fl and travels throughout the Southeast like Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Birmingham and Charlotte.


Located in Jacksonville, Fl

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